Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Heartbeat of Poetry

Poetry is a heartbeat inspired by all that is in nature. As you tune into the positive vibes of everything around you, it lifts your spirit into oneness with all of God’s creations. The melodic and harmonious sounds of love are expressed through everything in nature. This glorious circle of life turns effortlessly and all you have to do is quiet your mind and just listen—just be! Listen to the higher vibrations as the essence and fullness of the Almighty is sent into the hearts of every living creature. Tune in and you can hear the sounds of your ancestors, the sounds of generations, the sound of God’s voice through you and others. Be in the moment. Quiet your mind and listen with your heart to the rhythmic flow of the many vibratory songs that play, they too become a dance of a song that plays ever so beautifully. They too become the dance of oneness, of unity, of peace, of love, of God!

Experience the joys of friendship, love, companionship and life! Be passionate about God, about life, about love. Be creative, be happy, and be joyous! Let the phrase, “Live, Love, and Laugh” be an every guiding principle in your life and not just a slogan that you place on your social media pages. Live passionately, enthusiastically, and delightfully through the evolution into your highest expression and self, cheerfully sharing your divine gifts that others may also grow from your amazing contributions. Embrace the lovers’ names carved into the trunk of the oak tree. Learn from the children excitedly jumping to the flow of the hopscotch drawn on the sidewalk. Stop by the playground to take your turn around on the merry-go-round, float in the air on the swings, and even take a twirl on the monkey bars. Be in every moment a beautiful, miraculously glorious reflection of the One.

Cultivate and share your sublime qualities. This helps you to become fulfilled and others to achieve their fulfillment in life. I encourage you to find the zing. Discover the passion of your song, of your poem, of your soul, of you! Experience great pleasure in living creatively and become inspired to escape the “ordinary” existence so that you and those you love may experience life the way it was meant to be experienced – in LOVE, with PASSION, and reciting POETRY!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Recognizing Your Genius - #geniusiscommon

When asked about the word genius, I can’t help but to go to its root. The word genius is a noun and in its root it means protecting and guardian spirit who guides and governs an individual through life.

Genius is the generative power that is inborn in a person. It is their nature, their ENA (The Seed) aka Exalted Natural Ability. So if I ask you what is your ENA, I’m asking you what is your Exalted Natural Ability.

What I have come to understand is that genius, is not something that’s exclusive or belonging to only a few, but rather it is that indwelling spirit that exists in EVERY human being. You and I are bearers of the seed that is meant to germinate and give life. We are carrying within us the light of God. Yet, it is up to each of us to cultivate and bring out that light, manifesting it into the world for the greater good.

As a MUSE, I help people re-connect with the youthful and playful side of themselves. I help them to re-discover their childlike imagination and open up that vulnerable side of themselves.

In order to tangibly manifest your genius whether that is creatively, intellectually, spiritually, or otherwise, you must be willing to go to a space deep within that children so freely and naturally go. You know, children have an amazing imagination—that ability to form visions in the mind of something that has not been seen or experienced. They have the ability to think of new things, new possibilities. So it’s important to tap into your inner-child because therein lays the innocent caterpillar just waiting on that divine spark to evolve miraculously into a beautiful butterfly.

I AM grateful to be a gift of Divine Inspiration. I get to be a witness to some incredible transformations. As human beings, when we walk in purpose, cultivate our gifts and talents, and do what we’re born to do, we experience an unspeakable joy. And WHAT a momentous occasion, to be able to share a glimpse of this phenomenal experience by the wonderful and magnificent manifestations of our genius to the human family. What we discover in the process transcends the obvious end result or product. It is truly magical!” It is truly miraculous. It is truly Genius!

And every time I get the chance to work with someone, the discourse is like dancing with the Creator and giving birth over, and over, and over again.

What I often say to people is this… Allow the Spirit that is within you, to take on its own light path in your life. Allow your outer projection to be a reflection of that wonderful and beautiful light that is within. Be like water and flow in the Spirit of your Genius. Allow the mysteries of self to unfold and discover the quintessential and intrinsic nature of your being, which is God, Which is your Genius!

Genius is Common!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Making Soul-to-Soul Connections

I would like to cover four areas of importance as we talk about making soul-to-soul connections. They are: The Spirit & Your Higher Self; Your Divinity & Your Sacredness; The Issue of Compatibility; and finally Being Fully Prepared.

The Spirit & Your Higher Self

Making Soul-to-Soul Connections start with a having a primal connection in place. It starts with maintaining that important internal connection before connecting with anyone else outside of yourself.

Maintaining the Connection with Source - This primary connection is the one with Source or what many refer to as God. Regardless as to what label you choose, it is counterproductive to attempt to establish a relationship with someone outside of yourself when you don’t have a relationship with the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Transcendent Reality, Source, or God.

Source is not something you externally plug into, rather it is something that you must go within the essence of your own being to make that connection. When we talk about the Spirit and your Higher Self, Spirit is Source. Your Higher Self is your individualized essence of Source.  It is the part of you that understands that All is One.

Having this connection in place first, prepares you for other connections that you will inevitably make at various stages of your life.  Therefore, it is important to maintain that important internal connection at all times.

Move Purposefully - In addition to maintaining that internal connection, you must move purposefully. Everything in life including you has an aim and purpose. And whatever that purpose is, you must be found moving and walking in it and consistently being a sharpened tool. If you don’t know it yet, then it is up to you to plug into that Source, so that you can discover what it is and that discovery comes through the primary connection. So while your aim and purpose may not be fully clear all at once, over time it will evolve and manifest in your life.

Elevate Your Vibrations – Awaken all of your senses through practices that work for you as an individual. There is nothing “woo-woo” or weird about who you are. You were called in this season, in this dispensation of time to be who you are at this moment. You are not out of time or season and you are not out of sync when you listen to that internal guidance. Leverage that guidance to grow, and powerfully impact the world around you. Be who you were called to be. Some of you reading this have incredible gifts. Use your gifts and talents. Share them and grow and evolve from the experiences. Also elevate your vibrations by serving on whatever level you are able to serve. You might start out with one offering, fine tune it. Then you may grow to have two, three, or four offerings. When Spirit nudges you to go to the next level hold on to your pants and flow with it. Because waiting there, might be your love connection or the very answer to a prayer. Someone is always waiting on us to arrive and we are always waiting on someone or something to manifest. Expect it. Continue to sharpen and fine tune your gifts, because that energy will flow outward.

Your Divinity & Sacredness.

You are divine and sacred. You are an individualized expression of God materially.

Know Who You Are - This is a very important one because often the lack of one’s understanding of who they are results in them making choices that are not characteristic of who they really are. When you have the knowledge of who you are, you minimize the risk of impacting your environment and sphere in a way that you really don’t choose. It keeps you from manifesting things in ignorance. You are Sacred & Divine and it is important to see and project that divine self to those around you. So how do you do that?

·         Operate in your Gifts. . . if you are an artist and paint, or a singer, or have a fascination with healing stones or whatever the case may be, spend time daily doing that which is a part of your sacredness and divinity. The more you operate in your gifts, the more you project your truth authentically, the clearer you become.

·         Speak and Act from the Heart – Be assertive in speaking your truth and behaving in such a way where your words and actions are congruent. Be consistent and let your actions match-up with your words.

·         Teach People How to Handle You – Command with your actions rather than demand with your tongue what you accept and what you do not accept. Respect and honor Self and let that be your example to others on how to handle you.  Project the light of your truth for others to see clearly.

·         Shine Your Light – Keep your torch burning so your SOUL INTENDED can see you clearly and know that you are the one that they have either found or are waiting on. Be an example of that which you say you believe and people will see your truth and follow it.

Stop Being Who & What You Aren’t – If you are tired of being handled in a certain manner or not experiencing the sort of relationships or life you desire, then make some changes. You are the solution. You are the solution. You are the solution. Anytime something is not going the way you want it to in your life, your relationship, your ministry, look in the mirror because therein lies both the problem and the solution. If you choose to place the blame elsewhere, you also inevitably choose to give your power away. Take your power back. Take responsibility for everything in your life and then make the change. Tap into the power that is and has always been within you and realign. It probably sounds easier said than done and yes it takes work, but you were born to win!

Understand Sexual Energy – In life, people have many types of relationships where energetic cords of attachments are created. When these cords are rooted in love, a positive cord is created. However, when the cord is rooted in pain or trauma, a negative cord of attachment is created. The is the root of how toxic relationships are formed. One of the most powerful energies that can be shared between people is sexual energy.  When two people share in sexual energy they create deep energetic cords that has a profound impact emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Energetic cords are lines of light which connect one person’s energy center to another’s. Cords allow for communication between two bodies and the sharing of energy. While sometimes cords can be positive and beneficial, often they are negative, counterproductive and draining. Sex links aural energies together. Regardless of how meaningless or casual the connection appears to be, on an energetic level there is a profound occurrence happening, especially when sex is involved. The more you engage in sexual activity with a person the deeper that connection becomes and the more the two auras become linked or intertwined. This is not to say that sex is “bad” outside of the context of marriage, all I’m saying is that it comes with consequences.

The Issue of Compatibility.

Understanding the premise of compatibility is key on any level of relating, whether it be with clients, co-workers, family members, or anything else in life. There must be compatibility. Compatibility is the ability to co-exist in harmony. It is rooted in compassion and the wherewithal to feel what the other is feeling. It is having the capability of walking in someone else’s moccasins or shoes as to gain a deeper understanding of what the other person is experiencing. Compatibility is well beyond mere attraction or like. The issue of compatibility has varying degrees. When determining co-existing and harmony and the overall compatibility factor, you have to look at spiritual compatibility, energetic compatibility, emotional compatibility, sexual compatibility, intellectual compatibility, financial compatibility, and social compatibility.     

Being prepared

Being prepared is about being ready to deal with a particular situation. It means that you are in a suitable state and condition and are available. In this case, being prepared to make a soul-to-soul connection means you are connected to the primary source. It means you have cut the negative cords of attachments, and are emotionally available. A person who is prepared for a soul-to-soul connection has already discovered their purpose in life or is currently on the road to discovering it and ready to walk in it.  They are living their truth and are not afraid to stand in the light of their own truth. They understand that their soul intended will identify them by their vibration. So ultimately being prepared is vibrating on the frequency of the channel in which you expect your soul intended to meet you.

Friday, 24 August 2018

12 Points to Living Your Life Spectacularly

I would like to speak with you today about living your life spectacularly so that you can win. Consider this a pep talk to help you get up and moving into your greatness and ultimately walking through the door to your destiny. I would like to leave you with twelve points to consider as you reach for those stars. But before I go over those twelve points, with your permission, I want to touch on a couple of things first.

You know, there are many people, at this moment, who are diligently trying to find their way in what to them appears to be a shroud of darkness. Yet, some are so determined to succeed even though they may feel a lack of support and encouragement from those around them. Perhaps some of you listening today are one of those people. Maybe you might be feeling that you are giving everything you have to overcome obstacles, and turn your life or situation around… but are wondering does it matter.
Well, I want to say to you today, yes it does matter. You matter.

You are a spectacular human being and you have the power to reach your destiny. But to do so, your will to succeed, must be greater than the hard work it might take to achieve your dream. If you have the will, there is no doubt that you will accomplish your goals…As long as it is in alignment with your higher truth. And that’s the key factor.

There is a light inside of you. It’s is up to you to turn it on. But in order for it to come on when you flip that switch, it must be wired properly and connect to an energy source. And that energy Source is your Divine Source.

You see, it doesn’t matter who your political, religious, or social connections are. It doesn’t even matter who your family connections are. What matters most is that internal connection and whether or not you are true to who you are.

It can be very challenging to stay positive in the midst of chaos and negative vibrations. It’s hard to find neutral ground when everything around you is in disarray or chaotic. However you can, but it takes some adjustments and realignment of loyalties.  The first person you owe loyalty to is your higher self and your divine truth. Everything else and every other relationship must launch from that foundation.

Life’s battles do not have to get you down. Most likely many of the battles that you have taken on were not even yours in the first place. So you have to get off that soap opera, and get back to telling your own incredible story so that you can leave an amazing legacy. You have to get to speaking your beautiful truth and create a beautiful world around you.

If I were to tell you that whenever you speak, you create. Would you believe me? If I told you that if you changed your thoughts you can actually change your condition, would you believe me? Well the thing is this…everything happening in the world today is a result of people speaking and thinking it into existence. Your life is a product of what you spoke and thought at some point. So, if you want different, then speak and think differently. Your sphere of existence is a product of what you put there and you have the power to change it at any time. Yet changing your environment starts with changing yourself. You have to have the will to change. You have to be willing get rid of limiting belief systems and bad habits. You have to be willing to eliminate anything that works in contrary to your destiny. You have to be willing to own what is yours. Take responsibility for the mess. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. You cannot change what you do not own. So own your mess. Then transform that mess into a powerful message!

No one has to point out to you your flaws. You saw them long before anyone else did. You know when you are not operating at your best. Because you, like many people are critical of themselves, even more critical than other people are of them. You might not admit it, and perhaps many other people may not admit it, but most people are more critical of themselves in private than anyone else is. Some are their own worst enemy and wear behavior masks to cover up their insecurities. But you don’t have to do that. You are worthy. Regardless of your perceived weaknesses or flaws. You are worthy to be successful, to be love, to be all of the wonderful and spectacular things you yearn to be. So just as important it is for you to own your mess, it is equally important for you to own the fabulous things about yourself too. 

So now, let’s go over these twelve points. 

1. Go back to basics. Remember, more is not always better; sometimes it’s just…more.

2. Be honest with yourself and what it is you want in your life. Be courageous to go after it.

3. Listen to your intuition. Don’t shrug off or dismiss that quiet still voice within so quickly. Sometimes you actually do know better.

4. Stop worrying about proving yourself. Just be who you are and allow your true beauty to demonstrate your extraordinary being.

5. Remember that you are worthy and deserving, no matter who thinks you are not. A word to the wise…people who authentically value themselves often value others around them as well.

6. Be yourself. Everyone else is taken and no matter how much others want to see more of themselves in the world, you don’t have to become them. They’re taken so you might as well be yourself. That suits you anyway.

7. Stop asking permission to shine. That’s like the sun asking for permission to shine. Heck when the sun shines we celebrate and that is exactly what will happen when you allow your beauty to shine through. Sure there will be some people who want to throw shade on your light, but just keep on shining. Perhaps your light will move back their clouds.

8. Don’t be afraid to change where change is needed. That is not a mark on you, it just shows that you are willing to keep growing and evolving. That’s a good thing. And also, if there is something you like about yourself…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

9. Stay grounded. Some people will have you thinking something is wrong with you when it is not, so know who you are and keep looking in the proverbial mirror and stay rooted and grounded in your truth.

10. Build connections with those who support your journey and are positive about your life transformations, and who believe in you. Don’t allow negative energies to pull you down.

11. Get rid of limiting belief systems. Just because it works one way for one person doesn’t mean it works that way for you. Don’t get trapped in the clone syndrome.

12. Overcome bad habits and bad attitudes. Be grateful.

Consider these twelve points and start thinking and speaking life into your circumstances. And this is how you start to Live your life spectacularly and win!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Lesson of Water

Bruce Lee said, “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Imagine yourself as water. It is completely non-resistant, and keeps going regardless as to what obstacle is presented. Even a boulder placed in its path will not stop its flow. Water always finds a way to continue moving and flowing. It goes over, around, underneath, between and anywhere it can find a pathway. It simply continues flowing no matter what. If anything stays in the path of water for too long, eventually the flow of the water will wear it away. There is a lesson in this for the astute and attentive mind.

So, my encouragement for you today is to keep flowing, no matter what challenges come along your path. As you remain steadfast eventually, you will move away whatever is in your way. Remain shapeless and formless like water and become who you choose to be. 

Be blessed!

Peace, Love, and Light

Dr Atiya K Jones

Monday, 20 August 2018

Join the Journey

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Dr Atiya K Jones


Sex Links Aural Energies Together

In this article I want to address the whole abstinence or celibacy issue to hopefully bring about clarity as to why it is a critical step in the process of building a healthy relationship moving toward marriage. In discussing the issue of abstaining from sex outside of marriage, I’m coming from a place of the impact on an energetic level, rather than from a religious standpoint. 

In life, people have many types of relationships where energetic cords of attachments are created. When these cords are rooted in love, a positive cord is created. However, when the cord is rooted in pain or trauma, a negative cord of attachment is created and it is in this way toxic relationships are established. One of the most powerful energies that can be shared between people is sexual energy. When two people share in sexual energy, they create deep energetic cords that have a profound impact emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Energetic cords are lines of light which connect one person’s energy center to another’s. Cords allow for communication between two bodies and the sharing of energy. While sometimes cords can be positive and beneficial, often they are negative, counterproductive, and draining. Sex links aural energies together. Regardless of how meaningless or casual the connection appears to be, on an energetic level there is a profound occurrence happening, especially when sex is involved; and the more you engage in sexual activity with a person the deeper that connection becomes and the more the two auras become linked or intertwined. This is not to say that sex is “bad” outside of the context of marriage. It comes with consequences. 

When people are seeking relationships that lead to marriage, during the process they may meet many different types of people. Some they may decide to share sex with, others they may not. Along the way some people learn that the person they are engaging with is not “the one” or the person that they can foresee themselves spending their life with, so they ultimately break off the relationship. I encourage people who are seeking marriage, to abstain from sex so that they can explore the relationship without creating deep cords of attachment. If you do not have the intentions of creating a lasting relationship with the person, then it is important not to engage in that type of intimacy because to do so makes it possible for you to do exactly what you did not intend to do—create a lasting connection. Although a physical relationship with someone may end, there is still dross that is left behind. This dross is the energetic cords. In other words, whatever is in the energetic field or aura of the other person becomes entangled with your aura or energetic field.  This includes unresolved emotions, thoughts, vibrations, etc.

Some symptoms of cords of attachments are:

  • ·         Toxic relationships
  • ·         Financial or career blocks
  • ·         Unclear purpose
  • ·         Low energy or energy drain
  • ·         Negative thoughts and emotions
  • ·         Attracting the same type of negative characteristics in a person
  • ·         Depression
  • ·         Trauma

When working with people, some of the things we work on are cutting negative cords of attachments that exist that were either created from the exchange of sexual energy and/or from other relationships that existed throughout their life. Removing sex from the equation when seeking a marital relationship, helps one to more effectively cut old cords of attachment, while preventing new ones from being created. It allows for a person, who when they actually meet “the one,” to not carry unresolved issues, otherwise known as “drama” to the marriage bed. The clearer a person is when arriving to the relationship table, the healthier their relationship will be.

There is much that can be said on this subject matter; however, I will leave it at this for now and perhaps pick it back up another time.

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