Saturday, 10 November 2018

Unfold Into Your Greatness

Today and for the next several days, the Moon is Waxing Crescent. It is closer to the Sun and therefore the majority is dark except for the right edge. This Lunar Phase is the phase after the New Moon and gradually becomes more illuminated during the coming days as it gets closer to the First Quarter Moon with about 50% illumination.

As the Moon is in Waxing, its illumination is gradually growing as well as the magnetic energy and its attracting power. During this phase of the Moon, it is a great time to be constructive with your time and energy and work on bringing things you have wanted to do into fruition.

This Lunar Phase can bring about much creativity, new ideas, the acquisition of things, and initial planning stages of projects. You might even begin to see the initial sprouting of the seeds that you have sown (not literally, but figuratively) in your life. The Waxing Moon can have a favourable impact on your course of actions. This Moon phase can assist in expanding spiritual intentions you have set for yourself.

As you imbibe this Moon Cycle for the next several days, take a look at its unfolding and allow your visions and dreams to begin to unfold. If you have been working hard on letting things go in your life during the Waning Phase and giving up those things that no longer serve you well, here, during this cycle it could do you loads of good to regenerate by reflecting and meditating as you bring more passion and inspiration into your conscious awareness. As you strengthen during this time allow the waxing Crescent Moon to assist you in the process and align with the universal flow and attract and bring phenomenally positive changes and experiences into your life.

Be at One with life and all its creation and enjoy the journey.

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