Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Experience the Beauty of Being Free

There are many symbols of freedom as there are levels of it. However on the road to freedom, often times one's liberty comes with the help of others The assistance is sometimes overt while in other cases it is masked, requiring an astute mind and heart to use the power of intuition and discernment to unlock its mysteries. At any junction, the bells of freedom have a beautiful sound - a sound that resounds in the hearts of the persons who for far too long have only dreamed of its reality. Yet freedom is an ever present truth to which you only must recognize that it is there, simply waiting for you to embrace it, and live according to its creed.

Harriet Tubman was a second-generation slave. This means that her parents were slaves and she too as a result was confined by physical slavery. Yet, Harriet Tubman had a mind and heart set on freedom. She knew that no form of physical captivity could ever conquer and bring her mind and heart into subjection. She understood all too well her birthright, and no amount of corporeal intimidation or persuasion could ever dominate her mental or emotional capacity for freedom.

Freedom is a mindset. No form of subjugation can contain a free mind - one that is conscious and aware. To break the chains of oppression of any kind is to first break the shackles of mental boondage, which can color your perception of reality and greatly impact your ability to be productive and consequential force in the world. This is why the first act of freedom is a renewed mind.

Sometimes it takes someone from outside of yourself to drive you to freedom. Likewise, a person who has been mentally bound all of their life, are not aware perhaps that they are not living in freedom and thus from one form of bondage to another, thinking that they are actually free. In order for them to become conscious of the fact that they are not free, they must taste the wine of freedom and that can only come about by a restored mind. The mental chains must be removed and a new way of thinking must arise.

There are guides to help us recognize and board a modern day "underground railroad." I am here to help you elevate your level of awareness and consciousness. My goal is to inspire you to find your creative genius, discover, and tap into your divine gifts as you pursue happiness and self-determination. (Excerpt from The Beauty of Being Free)

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