Monday, 5 November 2018

Do you Know Your Value?

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney

Recently I was confronted with a decision, not one go around, but twice as to whether or not to continue working with a company. It was in my observation that the company did not value me, they consistently placed me in compromising positions, and lacked open communication.

When I initially decided to disassociate, they broke the agreements from when we first engaged. During the course of our engagement, I gave them ample opportunity to make good on their promises. Not only did their word continue to fail, it appeared that they had no intentions of following through with what they said they would do. Consequently, I started to re-evaluate the connection, which resulted in me terminating the relationship.

The first time I made the decision to sever ties with the company, they apologized and then asked me to reconsider. So after the discussion with the company and after consulting with a few colleagues, we decided it was a good idea to give them a second chance and therefore, I re-engaged and the company made good on the initial promises to me.

However, a month later, we ended up right back at the same place—the question of value. What I ultimately came to acknowledge and accept was that our value systems were very different and if I had any amount of self-worth or value in myself, then, there was no other decision than to part ways, and this time for good.

I did not need to consult or ask for advice. There was no need to explain how I was feeling. For me, there was nothing else to discuss. It was necessary for me to make the decision to walk away from that situation because of fundamentally different value systems and the understanding of my own self-worth.

Integrity and setting standards are very important in any relationship. It is one thing to just make a mistake or allow things to get away from you, but it is another thing to lack a sense of honor or totally disregard a person’s worth. It is very difficult to expect anyone to view you as a person of merit, when you do not see your own profound value and significance.

After re-engaging with the company, I examined them much more closely. I noticed that they started trying to placate to my ego. However, because I’m not ego-driven, but rather Spirit guided, it became exceedingly clear that we are on two different wavelengths, vibrating at two very different frequencies. 

Perhaps you might be struggling with one such decision or have been confronted with something similar in the past. However, as Roy E. Disney so eloquently stated, “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.”

Do you value yourself? Do you feel yourself to be worthy? What set of values have you set for yourself? Do you live by them or do you consistently allow others to minimize your worth or constantly change the bar of your standards?

Regardless of your answer to the previous questions, the proof, as my mama used to say, is in the pudding. Whether or not you value yourself will play out in how you allow others to handle you. You are worth it and never ever let anyone make you feel or think otherwise. Be blessed.

Peace, Love, and Light.

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