Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Sky is Not the Limit

Motivational Quotes, Motivation, Quote, InspirationI often hear people say that the sky is the limit. Likewise I have read numerous articles which state the same thing. However, that is a misnomer. The Sky is only the limit if your thinking and imagination is limited. In actuality the sky is the beginning! SMILE.

Thoughts are very powerful; but just as powerful are our words. It is very important to consider the words we speak and the impact it has on ourselves and the environment around us. Be patient and take your time to say exactly what you mean. Phrases such as: The Sky is the Limit, Kill two Birds with One Stone, and My Back is Killing Me are what I call loser phrases and for those who are seeking to elevate their existence should avoid using such limiting words.

The sky is the beginning, feed two birds with one worm, and my back could feel better are all examples of ways to express your thoughts. Speak life into your situation and watch how your situation will transform.

I hope this helps.

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