Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Heartbeat of Poetry

Poetry is a heartbeat inspired by all that is in nature. As you tune into the positive vibes of everything around you, it lifts your spirit into oneness with all of God’s creations. The melodic and harmonious sounds of love are expressed through everything in nature. This glorious circle of life turns effortlessly and all you have to do is quiet your mind and just listen—just be! Listen to the higher vibrations as the essence and fullness of the Almighty is sent into the hearts of every living creature. Tune in and you can hear the sounds of your ancestors, the sounds of generations, the sound of God’s voice through you and others. Be in the moment. Quiet your mind and listen with your heart to the rhythmic flow of the many vibratory songs that play, they too become a dance of a song that plays ever so beautifully. They too become the dance of oneness, of unity, of peace, of love, of God!

Experience the joys of friendship, love, companionship and life! Be passionate about God, about life, about love. Be creative, be happy, and be joyous! Let the phrase, “Live, Love, and Laugh” be an every guiding principle in your life and not just a slogan that you place on your social media pages. Live passionately, enthusiastically, and delightfully through the evolution into your highest expression and self, cheerfully sharing your divine gifts that others may also grow from your amazing contributions. Embrace the lovers’ names carved into the trunk of the oak tree. Learn from the children excitedly jumping to the flow of the hopscotch drawn on the sidewalk. Stop by the playground to take your turn around on the merry-go-round, float in the air on the swings, and even take a twirl on the monkey bars. Be in every moment a beautiful, miraculously glorious reflection of the One.

Cultivate and share your sublime qualities. This helps you to become fulfilled and others to achieve their fulfillment in life. I encourage you to find the zing. Discover the passion of your song, of your poem, of your soul, of you! Experience great pleasure in living creatively and become inspired to escape the “ordinary” existence so that you and those you love may experience life the way it was meant to be experienced – in LOVE, with PASSION, and reciting POETRY!

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