Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Recognizing Your Genius - #geniusiscommon

When asked about the word genius, I can’t help but to go to its root. The word genius is a noun and in its root it means protecting and guardian spirit who guides and governs an individual through life.

Genius is the generative power that is inborn in a person. It is their nature, their ENA (The Seed) aka Exalted Natural Ability. So if I ask you what is your ENA, I’m asking you what is your Exalted Natural Ability.

What I have come to understand is that genius, is not something that’s exclusive or belonging to only a few, but rather it is that indwelling spirit that exists in EVERY human being. You and I are bearers of the seed that is meant to germinate and give life. We are carrying within us the light of God. Yet, it is up to each of us to cultivate and bring out that light, manifesting it into the world for the greater good.

As a MUSE, I help people re-connect with the youthful and playful side of themselves. I help them to re-discover their childlike imagination and open up that vulnerable side of themselves.

In order to tangibly manifest your genius whether that is creatively, intellectually, spiritually, or otherwise, you must be willing to go to a space deep within that children so freely and naturally go. You know, children have an amazing imagination—that ability to form visions in the mind of something that has not been seen or experienced. They have the ability to think of new things, new possibilities. So it’s important to tap into your inner-child because therein lays the innocent caterpillar just waiting on that divine spark to evolve miraculously into a beautiful butterfly.

I AM grateful to be a gift of Divine Inspiration. I get to be a witness to some incredible transformations. As human beings, when we walk in purpose, cultivate our gifts and talents, and do what we’re born to do, we experience an unspeakable joy. And WHAT a momentous occasion, to be able to share a glimpse of this phenomenal experience by the wonderful and magnificent manifestations of our genius to the human family. What we discover in the process transcends the obvious end result or product. It is truly magical!” It is truly miraculous. It is truly Genius!

And every time I get the chance to work with someone, the discourse is like dancing with the Creator and giving birth over, and over, and over again.

What I often say to people is this… Allow the Spirit that is within you, to take on its own light path in your life. Allow your outer projection to be a reflection of that wonderful and beautiful light that is within. Be like water and flow in the Spirit of your Genius. Allow the mysteries of self to unfold and discover the quintessential and intrinsic nature of your being, which is God, Which is your Genius!

Genius is Common!

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