Monday, 20 August 2018

Sex Links Aural Energies Together

In this article I want to address the whole abstinence or celibacy issue to hopefully bring about clarity as to why it is a critical step in the process of building a healthy relationship moving toward marriage. In discussing the issue of abstaining from sex outside of marriage, I’m coming from a place of the impact on an energetic level, rather than from a religious standpoint. 

In life, people have many types of relationships where energetic cords of attachments are created. When these cords are rooted in love, a positive cord is created. However, when the cord is rooted in pain or trauma, a negative cord of attachment is created and it is in this way toxic relationships are established. One of the most powerful energies that can be shared between people is sexual energy. When two people share in sexual energy, they create deep energetic cords that have a profound impact emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Energetic cords are lines of light which connect one person’s energy center to another’s. Cords allow for communication between two bodies and the sharing of energy. While sometimes cords can be positive and beneficial, often they are negative, counterproductive, and draining. Sex links aural energies together. Regardless of how meaningless or casual the connection appears to be, on an energetic level there is a profound occurrence happening, especially when sex is involved; and the more you engage in sexual activity with a person the deeper that connection becomes and the more the two auras become linked or intertwined. This is not to say that sex is “bad” outside of the context of marriage. It comes with consequences. 

When people are seeking relationships that lead to marriage, during the process they may meet many different types of people. Some they may decide to share sex with, others they may not. Along the way some people learn that the person they are engaging with is not “the one” or the person that they can foresee themselves spending their life with, so they ultimately break off the relationship. I encourage people who are seeking marriage, to abstain from sex so that they can explore the relationship without creating deep cords of attachment. If you do not have the intentions of creating a lasting relationship with the person, then it is important not to engage in that type of intimacy because to do so makes it possible for you to do exactly what you did not intend to do—create a lasting connection. Although a physical relationship with someone may end, there is still dross that is left behind. This dross is the energetic cords. In other words, whatever is in the energetic field or aura of the other person becomes entangled with your aura or energetic field.  This includes unresolved emotions, thoughts, vibrations, etc.

Some symptoms of cords of attachments are:

  • ·         Toxic relationships
  • ·         Financial or career blocks
  • ·         Unclear purpose
  • ·         Low energy or energy drain
  • ·         Negative thoughts and emotions
  • ·         Attracting the same type of negative characteristics in a person
  • ·         Depression
  • ·         Trauma

When working with people, some of the things we work on are cutting negative cords of attachments that exist that were either created from the exchange of sexual energy and/or from other relationships that existed throughout their life. Removing sex from the equation when seeking a marital relationship, helps one to more effectively cut old cords of attachment, while preventing new ones from being created. It allows for a person, who when they actually meet “the one,” to not carry unresolved issues, otherwise known as “drama” to the marriage bed. The clearer a person is when arriving to the relationship table, the healthier their relationship will be.

There is much that can be said on this subject matter; however, I will leave it at this for now and perhaps pick it back up another time.

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