Sunday, 12 August 2018

Give Yourself Permission - Say YES by Dr Atiya K Jones

“Buried beneath the soil within the walls of those sacred grounds are dreams that never came to pass, songs that were never sung, books that were never written, paintings that never filled a canvas, ideas that were never shared, visions that never became reality, inventions that were never designed, plans that never went beyond the drawing board of the mind, and purposes that were never fulfilled” (Monroe 15).

Dr Miles Monroe said in his book, Understanding Your Potential, that the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard.

He went on to say, “Many potentially great men and women never realize their potential because they do not understand the nature and concept of the potential principle” (16).

I assert that the cemetery should not be and does not have to be the wealthiest place on earth. I affirm that the greatest treasure lies within each human being and simply remains in wait to be cultivated and unearthed. The biggest question that I asked myself in considering Dr. Monroe’s assertion was, “Why is it that so many people go through life never fully materializing their dreams and reaching their destiny?” While it may appear to be a point of complexity, I deduced the answer is rather simple—the word “no” has been spoken and echoed in the minds and hearts of countless people and thus like the elephant or the flea after years of conditioning they began to believe that they can’t and so consequently, they don’t.

 The elephant in his infancy was tied to a post with a chain. Every time the elephant naturally sought to expand her sphere of motion, she realized that she was unable to break free because the chains were too strong. As the elephant grew older and larger, the chain was replaced with a thin rope. Although, physically the elephant was very capable of breaking the rope or the chain at that point, she didn’t because she lacked the knowledge of her own strength and had been conditioned to believe that she could not be free. Therefore, she remained tied up and never experienced her full potential.

The same rang true with the flea. Mr. Flea was placed in a jar with a lid. Naturally, a flea can jump close to one hundred times its height. However, Mr. Flea, who was placed in the jar, only jumped about 18 inches consistently even after the lid was removed. Why? Each time he tried to jump the height he was innately capable of jumping prior to the lid being removed, he bumped his head. After several attempts, he resolved that it was not possible to jump any higher. Although this was not the truth of his ability, he never jumped any higher even when the obstacle had been removed because he was programmed to believe that he could not, therefore he did not.

Both the elephant and flea had the potential to free themselves, yet their limiting belief systems kept them in the state of subjugation. So now, going back to what Dr Monroe stated. “Many potentially great men and women never realize their potential because they do not understand the nature and concept of the potential principle,” The potential principle is potential energy. Energy is the ability or capacity to work. It is life force. Because one has the capacity or ability to do work, does not mean that they utilize that ability. When they are not utilizing that ability, it remains potential. Energy that is not in motion is only potential energy. Kinetic energy is energy that is in motion and the compelling force which creates change. In other words, while you may have the potential of achieving high levels of consciousness and being a consequential force in the world, you will not be able to achieve it on any level without first realizing that the potential is there within yourself and then giving yourself permission to come forth.

In many cases, unrealized potential exists because people allow their minds to be hijacked by their leaders and teachers and are dumbed down to be good followers scurrying behind blindly. To have unrealized potential is to be in a state of rest and not even conceive that you are at rest. What is worse than being potential energy is to not even recognize that motion is possible. To have a dream, but not achieve it is like having potential. But not even knowing that you can dream or have aspirations outside of the context of what has been given to you is like having unrealized potential. In this case the person only thinks what they’ve been told to think and they only do what they’ve been told to do; but the context of that thinking and doing comes from the outside of them rather than internally. 

Yesability Factor is a phrase I coined to describe a person’s readiness to give oneself permission to fulfil their purpose in life. An individual’s aptitude for “yes” determines their success efficacy. This is true regardless of how they measure success. Their ability to believe that all things are possible is crucial. Their ability to believe in themselves and the willingness to say “yes” to themselves is paramount. To realize the greatest degree of prosperity, a person working toward it must accept the reality of its existence although it is yet to be evidenced in their material world. They must also have a clear vision of what it is they want to achieve, it must be in alignment with their higher purpose, and they must be willing to bring it forth to their outer world. In other words, “yes” is the active agent and cause at work, effecting man’s ascension to God-Consciousness and God’s expression through man. It is an active agent that sets that potential in motion.

The Yesability Factor is about self-realization. Creating a tangible reality is directly linked to you understanding that you are materially created not by an outside agency, but by the Creator within. The material version or the product of one’s self is a direct reflection of the competency one has in their Higher Truth. Unless and until that hidden part of you becomes known to yourself, the world will never be able to know the god that is within you. Dr. Monroe said, “One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped.” I concur, therefore, I assert that the power of yes and a positive attitude is a critical conversation to have because life transformation into one’s Higher Self and the achievement of one’s dreams is tied to their ability to say, “Yes!”

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