Friday, 24 August 2018

12 Points to Living Your Life Spectacularly

I would like to speak with you today about living your life spectacularly so that you can win. Consider this a pep talk to help you get up and moving into your greatness and ultimately walking through the door to your destiny. I would like to leave you with twelve points to consider as you reach for those stars. But before I go over those twelve points, with your permission, I want to touch on a couple of things first.

You know, there are many people, at this moment, who are diligently trying to find their way in what to them appears to be a shroud of darkness. Yet, some are so determined to succeed even though they may feel a lack of support and encouragement from those around them. Perhaps some of you listening today are one of those people. Maybe you might be feeling that you are giving everything you have to overcome obstacles, and turn your life or situation around… but are wondering does it matter.
Well, I want to say to you today, yes it does matter. You matter.

You are a spectacular human being and you have the power to reach your destiny. But to do so, your will to succeed, must be greater than the hard work it might take to achieve your dream. If you have the will, there is no doubt that you will accomplish your goals…As long as it is in alignment with your higher truth. And that’s the key factor.

There is a light inside of you. It’s is up to you to turn it on. But in order for it to come on when you flip that switch, it must be wired properly and connect to an energy source. And that energy Source is your Divine Source.

You see, it doesn’t matter who your political, religious, or social connections are. It doesn’t even matter who your family connections are. What matters most is that internal connection and whether or not you are true to who you are.

It can be very challenging to stay positive in the midst of chaos and negative vibrations. It’s hard to find neutral ground when everything around you is in disarray or chaotic. However you can, but it takes some adjustments and realignment of loyalties.  The first person you owe loyalty to is your higher self and your divine truth. Everything else and every other relationship must launch from that foundation.

Life’s battles do not have to get you down. Most likely many of the battles that you have taken on were not even yours in the first place. So you have to get off that soap opera, and get back to telling your own incredible story so that you can leave an amazing legacy. You have to get to speaking your beautiful truth and create a beautiful world around you.

If I were to tell you that whenever you speak, you create. Would you believe me? If I told you that if you changed your thoughts you can actually change your condition, would you believe me? Well the thing is this…everything happening in the world today is a result of people speaking and thinking it into existence. Your life is a product of what you spoke and thought at some point. So, if you want different, then speak and think differently. Your sphere of existence is a product of what you put there and you have the power to change it at any time. Yet changing your environment starts with changing yourself. You have to have the will to change. You have to be willing get rid of limiting belief systems and bad habits. You have to be willing to eliminate anything that works in contrary to your destiny. You have to be willing to own what is yours. Take responsibility for the mess. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. You cannot change what you do not own. So own your mess. Then transform that mess into a powerful message!

No one has to point out to you your flaws. You saw them long before anyone else did. You know when you are not operating at your best. Because you, like many people are critical of themselves, even more critical than other people are of them. You might not admit it, and perhaps many other people may not admit it, but most people are more critical of themselves in private than anyone else is. Some are their own worst enemy and wear behavior masks to cover up their insecurities. But you don’t have to do that. You are worthy. Regardless of your perceived weaknesses or flaws. You are worthy to be successful, to be love, to be all of the wonderful and spectacular things you yearn to be. So just as important it is for you to own your mess, it is equally important for you to own the fabulous things about yourself too. 

So now, let’s go over these twelve points. 

1. Go back to basics. Remember, more is not always better; sometimes it’s just…more.

2. Be honest with yourself and what it is you want in your life. Be courageous to go after it.

3. Listen to your intuition. Don’t shrug off or dismiss that quiet still voice within so quickly. Sometimes you actually do know better.

4. Stop worrying about proving yourself. Just be who you are and allow your true beauty to demonstrate your extraordinary being.

5. Remember that you are worthy and deserving, no matter who thinks you are not. A word to the wise…people who authentically value themselves often value others around them as well.

6. Be yourself. Everyone else is taken and no matter how much others want to see more of themselves in the world, you don’t have to become them. They’re taken so you might as well be yourself. That suits you anyway.

7. Stop asking permission to shine. That’s like the sun asking for permission to shine. Heck when the sun shines we celebrate and that is exactly what will happen when you allow your beauty to shine through. Sure there will be some people who want to throw shade on your light, but just keep on shining. Perhaps your light will move back their clouds.

8. Don’t be afraid to change where change is needed. That is not a mark on you, it just shows that you are willing to keep growing and evolving. That’s a good thing. And also, if there is something you like about yourself…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

9. Stay grounded. Some people will have you thinking something is wrong with you when it is not, so know who you are and keep looking in the proverbial mirror and stay rooted and grounded in your truth.

10. Build connections with those who support your journey and are positive about your life transformations, and who believe in you. Don’t allow negative energies to pull you down.

11. Get rid of limiting belief systems. Just because it works one way for one person doesn’t mean it works that way for you. Don’t get trapped in the clone syndrome.

12. Overcome bad habits and bad attitudes. Be grateful.

Consider these twelve points and start thinking and speaking life into your circumstances. And this is how you start to Live your life spectacularly and win!

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