Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Space Between People

This writing is actually inspired by a movie I watched called the Space Between Us. The movie is about a 16-year old boy who was born on Mars on September 9, 1984 by a mother who died right after giving birth to him. She was the only female of six astronauts who went on this mission to Mars for four years. After arriving on Mars, Sarah learned that she was pregnant. After her untimely passing, another young woman astronaut who was unable to bear children was sent to Mars to help care for the boy and she lived on Mars for sixteen years. Her name was Kendra. Kendra was the only mother Gardner knew, although he learned about his birth mother through video footage.

In the movie Gardner was very expressive and communicated precisely what he was feeling. He established a connection with a young girl his age that lived on Earth in Tulsa Oklahoma. So he gave her the code name Tulsa. This girl was a product of the foster care system and was shifted from home-to-home. Needless to say, she had a strong desire for truth, realness, love, and acceptance.  One of her lines in the movie is, “Everybody’s always frontin’, nobody’s ever real, you know.”

Interestingly, I was born on September 9. In 1984 during the time of Gardner’s birth, I had just turned 18 years of age. I was also born with the birth name of Kendra. So in more ways than one, this movie touched me very profoundly. I could not help but to cry rather heartily during the movie, not from being saddened by it, but from feeling deep emotions as I watched the various life issues, conversations, and conflicts play out. It is a great movie, but I won’t go into it any further here, you will just have to watch it.  The movie, The Space Between Us, is a base for the message I want to share and something I have been feeling for quite some time.

The movie got me to thinking and feeling even more about how people have numbed themselves down as to not feel. They avoid confronting deep heartfelt issues or confronting their own limiting beliefs and biases and surround themselves with people who continue to allow them to live and be in this facade. In London, everything is quick, fast in a hurry and about money, money, money. Networking is this fast-paced harsh energetic engagement, singed with a tone of what can you do for me. In Worthing, West Sussex, it is a series of cliques and survivors of the fittest businesses and who can survive this so called recession.

The Universe is plenteous and abundant. It only appears limited by limited thinking which creates the illusion of lack. The competitive spirit is born from this illusion of lack and runs rampant only in the minds of those being driven by their egos.  As a result, networking, business interactions, and socialization are led by this ego state of mind and are at best superficial and lack depth. And if you are not careful, you can get sucked into this egotistical drama in your yearning to want to achieve your own successful outcome. Yet, if you step back for a moment and remember to trust the Universe and have faith in its delivery of everything you need in a given moment, you will see more clearly that the people driving these machines are numbed-down and their businesses may not be in soul alignment to yours.

Sure they may make money, but if you remember that money is energy, as you elevate your vibrations, you will in turn also increase the amount of positive energy that comes into your sphere. You may have heard the phrase that all money is not good money. There is truth to that because when money comes with certain attachments, it might be best to pass on it. Again, money is energy and the question is what type of energy do you want in your sphere? If you can manage to inspire people to support your ideas and your visions on an aligned soul level, then that is worth its weight in gold. And the best way to do that is to not only be true to who you are and what you stand on, but also to make sure that you are in alignment with your soul’s mission.

This space between people is energetic space. There is no need to sacrifice your truth or authenticity. You can design the energy in your space so that you can manifest the life you were born to live on a soul level and establish connections that are real. The Universe desires us to be fulfilled and happy and that fulfillment and happiness is possible. When people are aligned on a soul level everyone wins regardless what that winning image looks like for the individuals or businesses involved. When people strengthen the energetic spaces by creating energetic inner products and services, their businesses thrive on a whole new level and their life becomes much more fulfilled. People will cease working a job, or being a part of or starting a soulless business, but will instead and moreover start living the life of their dreams and in alignment with their soul mission.

The new status quo is authenticity and realness; that other stuff, is an old paradigm and out of season and alignment with the ascension process. So let your space be filled with more light and internal space so when you interact with others in your external environment it is coming from a place of truth and realness and with more depth of feeling. It comes from the Soul!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Is there a (S)HERO in your community?

I'm sure many of us can think of at least one woman who has been an extraordinary influence in our lives in a positive way. Whether it is our mother, sister, friend, auntie, daughter, grandmama, women have made an amazing impact on families and society. And how often do they really get the chance to receive as much energy as they give out.

I would like to invite you all to nominate a (S)HERO in your community to receive and all-expense paid trip to England for the Awakening & Healing Destination Retreat you might have been hearing about. The prize package is amazing and a great opportunity to give in a powerful way. SMILE.

If you are a female and would like to attend, be sure to enter. Hope to see you in England. SMILE.

Click on the link below to find out more about the contest.


Forever in Peace, Love, and Light

Dr Atiya K Jones

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Challenging 500 people to pay-it- forward $25 or £25


I'm bringing the healing, the awakening, and the soul evolution experience. 

Challenging 500 people to pay-it- forward $25 or £25 

Help sponsor a woman to attend the Awakening & Healing Destination Retreat by paying-it-forward. Each person's name or business will be placed in the program magazine as having paid-it-forward. 

~I'm holding safe and loving space for women to not only identify, heal, and release deep seated emotional wounds often leading to psychosomatic illnesses, but also to explore issues around self and how it plays out with others; to share the secrets to awakening their of themselves; and to embody the essence of their Soul Mission and true voice and reclaiming their abundance; to get to know a whole new version self.

~I'm improving the health and well-being of individuals and their families through access to information, awareness campaigns, and prevention strategies.

I gave the first £25 toward sponsoring a woman, now I challenge you to follow my lead!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Dr Atiya K Jones, The MUSE: Challenge Your Beliefs to Become Free

Dr Atiya K Jones, The MUSE: Challenge Your Beliefs to Become Free: Happy Day Beautiful Souls, I write this to invite you to challenge your beliefs to become free or freer in your life. As I write in...

Challenge Your Beliefs to Become Free

Happy Day Beautiful Souls,

I write this to invite you to challenge your beliefs to become free or freer in your life. As I write in my book, The Beauty of Being Free, “Freedom is a mindset. No form of subjugation can contain a free mind, one that is conscious and aware. To break the chains of oppressions of any kind is to first break the shackles of mental bondage, which can color your perception of reality and greatly impact your ability to be a productive and consequential force in the world.”
In some cases, our belief systems have become the mental shackles that keep up from experiencing and living our best life.
From young, patterns of beliefs are developed often to help make sense of the world and everything around you. These beliefs are established from emotional attachments to perhaps parents, teachers, pastors, or other people who have been in your sphere of influence. Beliefs however can be empowering or limiting.

What are beliefs and how do they come about?
A belief is a “conviction of the truth of a proposition or alleged fact without knowledge.” They are conditioned perceptions that a person develops over their lifetime that stems from various experiences, whether positive or negative, and then attach emotions to it. They are conclusions people draw of situations and circumstances usually from childhood. Yet, they are not necessarily based on fact or actual facts.

Beliefs are established in our own personal lives by some experience we had with someone or something and we put emotion behind that experience. The emotions commonly are attached to parents, religious leaders, teachers, romantic involvements, and others who may have had or has significant influence in our life and how we view the world. Sometimes we hold people in our lives so dear that we handle information from them as the full gospel and in many cases don’t question or challenge the information within ourselves to see if what is being shared or given is true for us.
Because we love and trust them, when they share principles with us, we don’t always measure it against our own higher self to see if it resonates and instead we take the information completely, internalize it, and then establish it as a belief.

Why are beliefs important and when do they become limiting?
Having a belief system is helpful in that it provides a sense of stability and helps us to make sense of things and provides a basis for context and perspective. However, if our beliefs are limiting and hinders our success or keeps us from achieving our goals them we must assess them and challenge them to see if they are from the premise of an erroneous thought or faulty logic.
Beliefs can be either empowering or limiting. Empowering beliefs enable us to grow, evolve, and flourish. Limiting beliefs stops us from growing, evolving, and reaching our destiny.
An example of an empowering belief is “I AM worthy and deserve to have the best in life.” An example of a limiting belief is “Money is the root of all evil.” Another example of an empowering belief is “I AM free to express my truth and to say how I feel,” or “I have everything I need at this moment to achieve my dream.” Another example of a limiting belief is “I need to keep my feelings in because they really don’t matter,” or “It is way too hard or will take way too much work to accomplish my goals.”

People develop limiting beliefs around their esteem, their style of dress, their manners, their abilities, and more. They put limitations on how they go about things as a result of false information and consequently self-sabotage their own success.

Recalling a limiting belief I let go of to become freer
I can recall one limiting belief system that I had which kept me from one of the joys in my life. I love swimming and I use to swim every day. However, at one point in my life I took on a limiting belief that came about on my spiritual journey. I was taught that I was not supposed to show my body in a bathing suit in public so I stopped going swimming if it was in a public place and since I did not have a swimming pool that meant I did not swim for quite some time. I deprived myself of the joy of swimming because someone else defined what modesty was and I believed them without challenging it. Because I loved swimming, I made this swimming suit that not only made me look ridiculous, it restricted me from swimming effectively. At the pool, I drew so much attention to myself by wearing the ridiculous get up because I was focused solely on covering up rather than what I was there to do. Before, when I went swimming, no one was remotely paying attention to me and if they were I didn’t notice because I was focused on getting my swimming on and releasing negative energy and imbibing the positivity from the energy of the water.

However, after the ridicule by others around me and mocking, I stopped even swimming in public for the most part because I took on this belief that it was “wrong” to show my body in public and that it was not modest. However, at some point, it was necessary for me to challenge that belief because I was depriving myself of something that I not only loved to do, but that was very good for me. I realized that for me, modesty is not a “look,” it is a behavior and it really does not matter what a person is wearing as it does how they behave. A person can be all covered up and act lewd and with very little self-regard or they can be uncovered (e.g. model for a painter) and present very beautifully and with the highest level of regard for self.

Finally, I boldly challenged that limiting belief and learned to appreciate my love for swimming and my good taste in a choice of a swimming suit that worked for me for what my reasons for being at the pool were. I was not there to entice others to look at me; I was there to swim, so there was no reason for me to concern myself with an attitude that had nothing to do with me. And being modest was not about what type of suit I was wearing it was more about the type of behavior I chose to take on. I let go of that limiting belief and returned to the joys of swimming. When I released that particular limiting belief, it opened the way for me to confront many more that was impeding my ability to be happy and successful.  Success for me is not solely about money and material things, it is about peace and contentment of mind.

What limiting beliefs do you have in your life that are holding you back or keeping you in a state of bondage?

I would love to hear your feedback.

Follow me in my all new reality show called "The beauty of being free" a follow up to my book The Beauty of being Free By Atiya, a challenge where I open up to the public many of my fears which I will overcome to not just write about the experience of freedom but to continue to express myself in the most free of ways! SMILE.. I hope that you can champion my cause and leave positive comments below.

In partnership with the Body Street, Worthing UK, West Sussex.

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The Space Between People

This writing is actually inspired by a movie I watched called the Space Between Us. The movie is about a 16-year old boy who was born o...